Hello and welcome to tools.uebi.net (RC1 of the pre-alpha of v0.0.1)

quick-check your IPv4/IPv6 connection
IPv4/IPv6 whois
IPv4/IPv6 Speed Test
IPv4/IPv6 sipcalc
IPv4/IPv6 subnetcalc
source IP spoofing test
MAC OUI vendor lookup
Cisco Type 7 password decryptor
IPv4 address lookup
IPv6 address lookup
IPv4 whois
IPv6 whois
IPv4 Speed Test
IPv6 Speed Test
IPv4 ping
IPv6 ping
IPv4 tracepath
IPv6 tracepath
IPv4 portscan
IPv6 portscan
Country-based deny ACL
Team Cymru daily updated full bogons ACL
Team Cymru unaggregated bogons ACL
More to come... Maybe :-)

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